Uplift Grants for Youth

As a part of the Festival for Change in 2022, several Roseville Area Faith Communities and Do Good Roseville are creating Uplift Grants to address the inequities faced by BIPOC students. The Uplift Grant will be given to BIPOC students who have a dream of doing something, creating something, or have a specific need, when receiving even a small amount of funds could make a difference in that student’s experience. A story about how the grant will be used is the key to the grant.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any K-12 BIPOC student who attends Roseville Area Schools or who live in Roseville. BIPOC identification will be based on the school identification.

What can a grant be used for?

There are no restrictions on how the grant may be used.  Some possibilities are college and career readiness, sports fees, or community projects.  The uses are limited only by the student’s imagination! 

How will the grant request be made?

A student must be nominated by someone. It could be a school staff, faith community member, community member, a family member, or a combination. The nomination form will be available after the festival on September 11.

What is the amount of the grant?

There will be no minimum or maximum on the grant. The suggested limit is $1000 to serve more students.

There will be no minimum or maximum on the grant. The suggested limit is $1000 to serve more students. The number and amount of the grants will be based on the total of donations received.

What is required for those who receive a grant?

•  We want feedback so that we can celebrate successes. Feedback will depend on type of grant. This could be a picture of the student playing in a football game, a picture of their registration, or a short update on how the project went.

•  When grant is received, we would like to have the student to plan to ‘pay it forward’ in some way. The grant may provide tangible ways to provide a blessing to others, or the student may find unrelated ways to give back to the community.

•  To account for the use of funds, whenever possible the grant will be paid directly (e.g. athletic department, testing organization). If project based, the student will have to provide itemized list of how the money will be used.

Timing of the grant:

Nominations are accepted from September 11 through November 11, 2022.  The grants will be awarded in early January 2023.


Funding is provided from faith community donations and community donations. Funds will be managed by Roseville Lutheran Church.



Delon SmithISD623651-604-3527delon.smith@isd623.org
Shlynn HayesRoseville Area High School651-604-1429shlynn.hayes@isd623.org
Kathy RamundtDo Good Roseville651-488-5061kramundt@hotmail.com
Diane SellRoseville Lutheran Church303-489-2923dsell@rosevillelutheran.org

Download forms here:

To donate to these grants:

Send to:

Send check to: Do Good Roseville, 1161 Laurie Road West, Roseville, MN 55113


Donate to the fundraiser on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donate/2308709775960169/


Venmo to:

@DoGoodRoseville. Make sure to note it is for Uplift Grant