Red Bin Collections

To make it easy to donate during the pandemic, Do Good Roseville began hosting the collection of specific items in a little red bin at the end of Kathy’s driveway. Hundreds of people have donated thousands of items to multiple collections by driving by at all hours of the day or night to drop donations off.

Everyone has been so respectful, and only dropped of the exact items we asked for, and always in good condition, that we have continued the collections! Due to the increased traffic on our street, we will only do them during the cold and snowy winter months when kids are not running around outside.

Winter 2022 – 2023

Books for Free Book Buggie (Feb 1 – Mar 1)

This time we collected children’s books for the Free Book Buggie ( This collection was special because it was the National Honor Society Senior project for RAHS student Beverly Xie. We collected books for babies through high school students in all languages. This time Beverly also collected book at the high school. Our total was 745 books! This is just 1/2 of the books collected!

Specific Items for the Resource Room at Roseville Schools (Dec 28-Jan 8)

This year the schools requested we collect the items with the biggest need, including boots, snowpants, and gloves and mittens.

Winter 2021 – 2022

Blankets for Bridging (January 2022)

This collection as for new and gently used blankets for Bridging – which gives bedding along with 10,000 beds each year to people in need! They had an official drop-off for one day at the Original Mattress Factory but we decided to do a longer collection via our Red Bin.

Winter Wear for Breaking Free (Jan -Feb 2022)

This Red Bin Collection was in support of the Roseville Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission January Proclamation on Human Trafficking (

From Sunday Jan 23 to Sunday Feb 6 we collected warm clothing for the organization Breaking Free ( as they help women escape sex trafficking. We like to think this doesn’t happen in Roseville, but it has been an ongoing problem and in 2018 the Roseville Police Department and Roseville Police Foundation co-created the Roseville Collaboration to End Human Trafficking (

Socks and Underwear for People Experiencing Homelessness (February 2022)

Next up for our Red Bin Collection we collected new and gently used socks AND new underwear. Donations were given to Sock Drawers, a Twin Cities organization that provides clean socks and underwear for people who are experiencing homelessness in and around the Twin Cities. We collected 624 pairs of socks and over 100 underwear along with winter layers and coats.

Kitchen Supplies for Afghan Refugees (March 2022)

Hundreds of Afghan refugees will be re-settling in Minnesota and they will need everything from clothes to household items. This Red Bin Collection was for kitchen supplies including dishes, pot and pans, etc. We will be donate them to the Salvation Army specifically for Afghan refugees.

Prom Dresses for High School Students (March 2022)

We couldn’t say no when someone asked us if we could help find prom dresses and suits to make a special evening for area high school kids.


Bras for Women’s Groups (November 2020)

In November 2020, Do Good Roseville collected 663 bras to donate to Bra Recyclers where Gently used and new bras are donated to nonprofits around the world that support women and girls escaping domestic violence, human trafficking, or girls who cannot afford school because they don’t have a bra.

Socks for People Experiencing Homelessness (December 2020)

Wow! In early Dec 2020 we collected 2,727 pairs of socks! 2,500 of them when to Sock Drawers (, a Twin Cities non-profit that provides clean socks to homeless. people. The rest we donated to Walking with a Purpose ( an outreach program for the chronically homeless.

Winter Wear for Roseville Schools (Dec 2020 – Jan 2021)

From Dec 16 to Jan 3 we collected winter wear for Roseville Schools in our little red bin. We donated coats, mittens, hats, scarves, headbands, and snow pants to the schools. We also donated a collection of polar fleece to the homeless in South Mpls, and some out of season wear to Joseph’s Coat in St. Paul.

Winter Layers for people experiencing homelessness (Jan-Feb 2021)

Before there was a red bin, we did other collections:

Shoes for Kids (Aug 2018)

Coats and Hats and Mittens (October 2015)

The first thing we ever did as Do Good Roseville was to collect coats, hats, and mittens for school kids.