2018 Year in Review

We hit our stride in 2018 and provided almost 80 separate opportunities for people in our community to come to together for fun and learning.


In February we created a new event to bring people together called “Global Palate Dinner Club”. Each month we hosted a dinner at a different restaurant and invited anyone to join us!

This was our 3rdyear of holding monthy discussions based on viewing TED talks. We met 8 times this year.

We found 3 opportunities to bring neighbors together to discuss topics of the day.

  • Doing Good
  • Talking About #MeToo
  • After the Election, Moving Forward

In 2018 we continued to join in the monthly Community Connectors meetings.

For this unique event, kids were invited to create a business and sell their products.


This year we continued our the bi-monthly Ask Series which began in 2017:

  • Ask a Dreamer
  • Ask a Muslim Woman 2
  • Ask an LGBTQIA Person
  • Ask a Transracial Adoptive Parent
  • Ask a Refugee
  • Ask an Indigenous Person

Nyia Harris created and filmed “My Story, My Truth”, a film where 20 Black people told the story of the first, or a significant time they were discrimiated against. Nyia showed the film 4 times this year.

This year we began the 6 part series of discussions of the film series “Becoming American”. We had to programs:

  • The Century of Immigration
  • Promise and Prejudice

This year we continued our book club “Hard Truths” based on the book “A Good Time for the Truth”. Each month we discussed 1-2 chapters from the book.

For this event, 3 actors from Blackout Improv created scenarios of micro aggressions and racial discrimination so attendees could learn what to do in those situations.

We were going to do an “Ask” programs by LGBTQIA people, and knew many people did not have a basic understanding of the subject of gender and sexuality so we hosted a program on “the Basics”.


This was a 3 part series on examining views on aging and learning to integrate a new more positive narrative about aging.

This was an author led discussion on a legacy-based approach to dealing with stuff.


This year we continued our partnership with Braver Angels with the following programs:

  • How to Talk Across the Political Divide (twice)
  • Can We Bridge the Divide
  • Red Blue Workshop
  • Skills Workshop

This was a panel discussion of women who had run for political office, discussing their experiences.


We hosted our 3rd annual Community Volunteer Fair in October.


On 3 occasions we invited local faith communities to come together to discuss race.

“Judaism on One Foot” was a program to answer questions on Judaism and foster understanding and religious tolerance.


We collected money for low income children who have recently experienced trauma to be able to buy new school shoes in partnership with Cristo Ray/Christ the King Church.


This year we hosted a celebration of Juneteenth open to the community.

Do Good Roseville participated in the Rose Parade as part of the Rosefest Celebration.

In July we hosted a party in the park with our Latino friends with Mexican style food and music.

We were fortunate to be able to have a 2nd party in the park on Labor Day.