Faith Community Conversations

Supporting Our Community’s Needs (Jan 2021)

Faith Communities in Roseville do a lot to support our community members.  The pandemic is creating more needs than ever before.  As we have done in the past, Do Good Roseville wanted to bring together the many faith communities in our area to share ideas and inspiration.   Mary Sue Hansen from Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative was on hand to talk about what gaps they are seeing in available supports.  

Poverty (April 2019)

In April of 2019, and again in January and April of 2021 we met to discuss homelessness and poverty.

Local faith communities have established an Angel Fund to meet the needs of community members that cannot be met elsewhere. Here is a description:

Education and Outreach on Race (Sept 2017 thru Mar 2018)

From Sept 2017-March 2018, Do Good Roseville hosted 7 meetings to discuss ideas on Race. We compiled this resource list.

Support for Immigrant and Refugees (Mar, Apr, May 2017)

In March, April and May of 2017, Do Good contacted local faith communities and we met to discuss immigration issues. As a result of these meetings some faith communities chose to support other sanctuary churches financially. Here is a document from ISAIAH MN (