2021 Year in Review

As we entered our 2nd year of the Cov-Id pandemic, we worked hard to find ways to do good things in our community, while keeping everyone safe. We still relied on Zoom, but we did have some in-person gatherings later in the year. Here’s an overview of the things we did:


In May we starting weekly Wednesday Morning Park Chats where anyone who wanted to could join us in a different park each week. When it got to cold to be outside we moved to Barnes and Noble at Har Mar. We met a total of 34 times!

Real Life Mr. Rogers was a 2 part series:

  • Good Neighborhoods
  • Welcoming Neighbors

We introduced the concept of time banks.

We tried one Sidewalk Talk Listening session at the Library.


This year we hosted our 3rd annual Juneteenth Celebration in our community.

In 2020 we hosted a series called “Talking About Race” based on the materials from the National Museum of African American History”.

In 2021 we added 4 additional sessions based on other sources:

  • Microaggressions
  • White supremacy
  • How Race is Lived in America
  • Binary Code of Race

This was a 3-part series:

  • Ojibwe Place Name Reclamation
  • Sovereignty
  • Dakota Language Preservation

We partnered with Shoreview Human Rights Commission and the Ramsey County Library to bring in speakers on the following topics:

  • Advancing Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Racism in Policing
  • Racism in Real Estate
  • Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

We moderated two programs on basic needs with Nine North this year:

  • Examining Food Insecurity in the North Suburbs
  • Homeless in the Suburbs


We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer as a group. Here’s where we were this year (considering Cov-Id):

  • Kite Day in the Park
  • Kids in Need MN (twice!)
  • Wild Rice Festival


With a grant from Ramsey County, we worked on voter engagement and registration with

  • Pop-ups at 9 community events
  • Hosted a Party at Unity Park

After learning about Racial Covenants, in July and August we invited Roseville City Staff to teach us how City Code impacts who can build what and where:

  • Zoning Code
  • Building Code


We partnered on our first program related to Sustainability.


This year we did a Red Bin collection of Winter Layers for people experiencing homelessness.

Our 2nd Bake Sale to buy new winter coats for school kids was a success!

For those who don’t have a garage to participate in the city-wide garage sale, we created a No Garage Garage Sale at Calvary Church.


We like to find opportunities to bring local faith communities together. This was a discussion of community needs and the Angel Fund.


For the second year, Kiwanis Malt Shop at the State Fair provided free kites so we could have Kite Day in the Park

With pandemic still hanging on, we promoted local restaurants and encouraged people to order take-out!

The Roseville Visitors Association created Restaurant bingo when we asked for their help to support local restaurants.