Building Community

Real Life Mr. Rogers (Sept & Oct 2021)

Part 1:  Good Neighborhoods
Everyone wants to live in a “good” neighborhood. But what makes a neighborhood good? Panelists will review how expectations have changed over time, identify what elements make a good neighborhood and how to sustain it. Using a racial equity lens, they will also discuss the impact of lack of access to a good neighborhood and the concerns of those that do not feel safe where they live.  A question-and-answer segment will follow the presentation.

Part 2:  Welcoming Neighbors 

Neighbors change over time. When new neighbors also bring a new heritage, bridging cultural differences can be challenging. Longtime residents may be anxious that they may say or do the “wrong” thing. The panel for this program will tackle practical strategies to become welcoming neighbors and building strong and diverse neighborhoods. Panelists will include a social worker known for her ability to link theory and practice in this realm and community members who have navigated the associated challenges. A question-and-answer segment will follow the presentation.

Introductions to Time Banks (March 2021)

TimeBanking is a way of giving and receiving to build strong support networks. One hour helping another earns one Time Credit. A TimeBank is formed whenever individuals or organizations agree to earn and spend  Time Credits  to help their neighbors, friends, and the larger community. 

We are interested in creating a timebank in Roseville.    To discuss it, please contact Kathy at