Yard Signs

In support of all of our neighbors, we encourage people to display yard signs.  The following are the signs we have found.  Please contact us if you have other suggestions.

We have Black Lives Matter Twin Cities signs are available. These are smaller signs 12″x18″ and they are $20. While you may be able to find bigger signs or cheaper signs, the proceeds from these BLM Twin Cities signs go toward youth who are growing activists.

 If you were at the Roseville Rejects Racism rally, Chauntyll Allen was one of the dynamic speakers there. We are partnering with her to sell the BLMTC signs.

Purchase of these signs will help Chauntyll support several youth that are on their own path in various ways. It is a perfect fit for Do Good Roseville because that’s what we want to do – help people make their ideas to do good things into a reality.

If you would like a sign, please email Kathy at kramundt@hotmail.com or call 651-488-5061 and we can arrange payment and pickup or delivery.

Here is one of Chauntyll’s recent articles highlighting some of her work. She is ALWAYS on the front line of protests. Click link: http://monitorsaintpaul.com/chauntyll-allens-big-work/9

Available from Ahave Creative Company at

Available from Signarama – Roseville


sign No Matter

Available in multiple language combinations at http://www.welcomeyourneighbors.org/

sign Love thy Nei


sign multiall are welcome here


sign blessed ramadan


sign hate has no home

Available in multiple language combos at https://hatehasnohomehere.wordpress.com/


Some of these signs (All Are Welcome, Love your Neighbor, Hate has no home) are available for $8 (including stand) at

Impact Printing, 1067 Rice Street, St. Paul, 651-489-0803

Available in store.  Call ahead if you want to order large quantities.