2022 Year in Review

Though it seemed like the worst of the pandemic had ended, in 2022 we realized that many of the organizations we have worked with in the past are dealing with turnover and figuring out a new normal. For that reason, in 2022 we had significantly fewer programs than past years. We look forward to new possibilities in 2023!


Our Wednesday Park Chats met every week this year and we added two Pub Chats!


It has been our dream for the faith communities to work together because we know we are can accomplish so much more. We’re very happy to be part of this first collaborative event.
Working with BIPOC leaders from our community, the vision of this initiative is to bring members from all backgrounds together in order to break down the barriers that exist between our communities. In order to see change we must come together to uplift those who are marginalized and ostracized.


We were happy to be back with our 5th annual Community Volunteer Fair in August.

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer as a group. Here’s where we were this year (considering Cov-Id):

  • Kite Day in the Park
  • Kids in Need MN


We partnered with Donate Good Stuff on their Eco Fair in August


We did multiple Red Bin Collections this year:

  • Bridging
  • Breaking Free
  • Sock Drawers
  • Afgan Refugees
  • Prom Dresses

This year we did our 3rd Bake Sale to raise money to buy new winter coats for school kids.

We repeated our No Garage Garage Sale again this year.

We joined the Roseville School District to collect School Supplies


For the third year, Kiwanis Malt Shop at the State Fair provided free kites so we could have Kite Day in the Park

Who said leaf jumping is only for kids?!?! Park chatters did more than just chat in October.