Do Good Roseville

Do Good Roseville is an all-volunteer, community based organization that makes connections to share ideas and information which have a positive impact on our community in Roseville, Minnesota


Do Good Roseville began in 2015 when Kathy Ramundt wanted to do something good in our community.  She decided to collect winter coats and hats and mittens for children, and Sherry Sanders said “I’ll help!”.

Next we decided to bring together others in our community at informal gatherings to share their ideas.  It was at one of the community conversations that Nyia Harris told us her vision for a panel discussion by Black men.  None of us expected it to turn into a bi-monthly series or that Do Good Roseville would become a trio!

An all volunteer organization, we continue to grow and unite with others who share our vision.  Our philosophy is that is does not matter how many people attend an event, it is always the right people.  We also know our reach extends far beyond attendees at a program because many of our programs are taped by Nine North, and are available on an ongoing basis.  We have also shared programs with other groups or organizations.

We could not do what we do without the help of organizations who have partnered with us Our frequent partners have included:

  • Ramsey County Library
  • Roseville Area School District (ISD623)
  • League of Women Voters—Roseville Area
  • City of Roseville
  • Shoreview Human Rights Commission
  • Roseville Area Interfaith Community
  • Kiwanis North Suburban St. Paul

As an all-volunteer organization we operate on a shoestring. We are immensely grateful to all the people who have generously donated their time and expertise for the majority of our programs. We also thank the following organizations who have provided funding for specific programs!

  • Friends of the Ramsey County Library
  • Roseville Community Fund
  • City of Roseville – Juneteenth
  • M Health Fairview – Juneteenth
  • Kiwanis North Suburban St. Paul – Kite Day in the Park
  • Roseville Faith Communities – Festival for Change and Uplift Grants

What We Do

Volunteering is a very important element of what DGR does. We host an Annual Community Volunteer Fair. We also coordinate Volunteer Together Events where we find one-time group volunteer opportunities and invite anyone to join us. For more information, go to Volunteering.

There are many educational opportunities with experts on topics sharing their knowledge. These programs are often done in partnership with the Ramsey County Library.

Our Community Conversations come in all shapes and sizes. We have casual gatherings like our Wednesday morning Park Chats, and our latest Been There Done That Travel Series. We also get very serious with programs like the Talking About Race series.

Collecting items to pass on to people that need them has become a passion. Our Red Bin Collections have collected thousands of items just by placing a bin at the of a driveway!

We find amazing opportunities to listen and ask questions about others’ lives. The Ask Series explored wide range of life experiences. We’ve also learned a lot about how things work with our programs focusing on Civics.

Sometimes we just like to have fun! Could be kite-flying in the Spring, playing games in the Winter, or leaf-jumping in the Fall.