TED Talk Discussion Group

On the 2nd Sunday of each month from 2-3:30 Kathy Ramundt and Eleni Skevas host a TED Talk Discussion Group.  We view a TED Talk from TED.com and then discuss it.  This program is sponsored by the Roseville Area Senior Program and the Ramsey County Library and open to anyone.  It’s another great way to bring people together to share ideas and make connections.

You can see upcoming topics on our Do Good Roseville Facebook page under Events or on the library website (rclreads.org), on the calendar.  On the calendar, when you find the TED Talk and open it up, the upcoming topics are displayed.  Please join us!

TED Talk Leader Month


A Juror’s Reflections on the Death Penalty (Lindy Lou Isonhood) Eleni Skevas June
Feeding the World by Reducing Food Waste (Elena Matsui) Kathy Ramundt May
Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, the Pitchforks are Coming (Nick Hanauer) Eleni Skevas April
How the Blockchain is Changing Money and Business (Don Tapscott) Kathy Ramundt March
There’s More to Life than Being Happy (Emily Esfahani Smith)

What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness (Robert Waldinger)

Eleni Skevas February
Human Trafficking  is All Around You.  This is How it Works (Noy Thrupkaew) Kathy Ramundt January

Past Years

TED Talk Leader Month


Spark: How Youth Thrive (Peter Benson) Eleni Skevas December
How Trees Talk to Each Other (Suzanne Simard) Eleni Skevas November
How to Transform Apocalypse Fatigue into Action on Global Warming (Per Espen Stoknes) Kathy Ramundt October
The Agony of Opioid Withdrawal and What Doctors Should Tell Patients about it (Travis Rieder) Kathy Ramundt September
My Descent into America’s Neo Nazi Movement and how I Got Out (Christian Picciolini) Eleni Skevas August
How to Make Stress Your Friend (Kelly McGonigal) Eleni Skevas July
What a World Without Prisons Could Look Like (Deanna Van Buren) Kathy Ramundt June
Ending Gender (Scott Turner Schofield) Kathy Ramundt May
Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation (Thordis Elva & Tom Stranger) Kathy Ramundt April
Poverty isn’t a Lack of Character, It’s a Lack of Cash (Rutger Begman) Eleni Skevas March
How Reliable is Your Memory (Elizabeth Loftus) Kathy Ramundt February
Let’s End Ageism (Ashton Applewhite) Eleni Skevas January


Rise of the Useless Class (Yuval Noah Harari) Kathy Ramundt December
Robots with Soul (Guy Hoffman) Eleni Skevas November
How to Separate Fact from Fiction Online (Markham Nolan) (TedX talk) Kathy Ramundt October
The Ethical Dilemma of Designer Babies (Paul Knoepfler) Eleni Skevas September
The Case for Engineering our Food (Pamela Ronald) Kathy Ramundt August
The Sibling Bond (Jeffrey Kluger) Kathy Ramundt July
How Fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting the Environment (Michael Shellenberger) Kathy Ramundt June
Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things (David Rose) Kathy Ramundt May
Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling (Emilie Wapnick) Pheng Vang April
The Myth of Legal Immigration (Sheena Koshy)

Through the Eyes of an Illegal Immigrant (Erik Gomez)

Kathy Ramundt March
We’ve Stopped Trusting Institutions and Started Trusting Strangers (Rachel Botsman) Eleni Skevas February
Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality (Brian Little) Eleni Skevas January


Older People are Happier (Laura Carstensen)

Life’s Third Act (Jane Fonda)

Kathy Ramundt December
How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion (Peggy McIntosh) Melissa November
The Surprising Decline in Violence (Steven Pinker) Eleni Skevas October
Price of Shame (Monica Lewinsky) Kathy Ramundt September
Government – Investor, Risk Taker, Innovator (Mariana Mazzucato) Eleni Skevas August
My Stroke of Insight (Jill Bolt Taylor) Eleni Skevas July
Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy (Joan Halifax) Melissa June
A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice System (Adam Foss) Eleni Skevas May
A Drone’s Eye View of Conservation (Lian Pin Koh)

No Roads, There’s a Drone for That (Andreas Raptopoulos)

Kathy Ramundt April
Science Can Answer Moral Questions (Sam Harris) Kathy Ramundt March
The Power of Introverts (Susan Cain) Kathy Ramundt February
How to Overcome Your Biases.  Walk Boldly Toward Them (Verna Myers) Kathy Ramundt January


The Paradox of Choice (Barry Schwartz)

Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions? (Dan Ariely)

Kathy Ramundt December
The Danger of a Single Story (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

Everyone Around You has a Story the World Needs to Hear (Dave Isay)

Kathy Ramundt November