Neighbor to Neighbor

Sometimes we just need an opportunity to talk about things with our neighbors and friends, face-to-face. DGR decided to reserve a local park building and invite people to talk about topics, informally. Some really interesting conversations resulted!


Our Neighborhoods (May 2022)

This community discussion is for anyone who would like to get to know their neighbors, feel a stronger sense of belonging in their neighborhood, and learn how to become a
neighborhood leader (or share stories of being a neighborhood leader) in order to help build safe, connected and vibrant neighborhoods.


Doing Good (Jan 2018)

Me Too Movement (Oct 2018)

Election Results, Moving Forward Together (Nov 2018)


How to Support our Immigrant and Refugee Neighbors (Apr 2017)

Verdict on Killing of Philando Castile (June 2017)


Black Perspectives (Oct 2016)

Not Exactly Norman Rockwell – The Holidays (Dec 2016)


Community Idea Exchange (Oct 2015)

Before there was Neighbor to Neighbor, we called our first ever community meeting a “Community Idea Exchange”