Community Engagement

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Community Connectors is the community engagement branch of Do Good Roseville.  It began as a meeting of neighbors and friends in someone’s living room, and now has become a regular monthly meeting.  Community Connectors have 3 purposes:  Awareness, Belonging and Connection.

  1. Awareness about local events, volunteer opportunities and ways to be involved is built through regular communication.  You can join the Connectors email list by attending a meeting or emailing Keely Vandre at
  2. Belonging to a community is a basic human need. Regular meetings should incorporate a sense of social enjoyment.  We do this through a regular monthly meeting.
  3. Connection to resources, other groups and events, information and opportunities to grow our group and make an impact on our community.  Everyone is encouraged to share out about what’s going on a regular monthly gathering.

Monthly meetings

Community Connectors meet once a month in the Community Room at the Roseville Library, 2180 N. Hamline.  Meetings are from 10:00 to 11:30.   For up-to-date information on the next meeting please refer to the Events section of our Facebook page:  DoGoodRoseville Events

Stay informed

Please join our Community connectors email list to stay informed of ongoing meetings by emailing Keely at

While we hope you will join us, we also encourage you to create your own Community Connections by following these A, B, Cs:

  1. Awareness:  Create an email or social media group and put someone in charge of managing it.
  2. Belonging:  establish regular meetings which can be as simple as a cup of coffee or a check-in around the room to see how everyone is doing.
  3. Connection:  Share what is happening in your community.