Women in Politics

In 2018 and then again in 2019 we partnered with the League of Women Voters Roseville Area and Roseville Area Schools to host panel discussions of women finding their political voice.

The first session was called “Why I Run: Women Finding Their Political Voice”. The panelists included:


Clare Verbeten, deputy political
director of the Walz-Flanagan gubernatorial campaign;

Huda Yusuf, an inspired audience member,

Melanie Leehy, who is serving her first
term on the Falcon Heights City Council after her third time running;

Lila Eltawely, who ran for House
District 53A,

moderator Marquita Stephens;

and Alberder Gillespie, who also ran for
District 53A.

In 2019 we hosted a second panel titled “Women in Politics: Getting Involved”. The panelists for this event were:

Nikki Villavicenio, Maplewood Parks & Rec Commissioner, ran for Maplewood City Council

Ruth Richardson, Representative for District 52B

Jamie Becker-Fin, Representative for District 42B

Trista MastasCastillo, Ramsey County Commissioiner

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