Saturday Discussion ??

Beginning with the Social Justice Challenge on June 1, we are also beginning “Social Justice Saturday Discussion Question“.  Each Saturday we will post a question related to your perceptions of social justice.

We encourage you to think about this yourself and discuss it with your family, friends and others.

June 5, 2020 – Question 1

What stereotypes about people of another race do you remember hearing or believing as a child?

Were you ever encouraged to question stereotypes?

**from “Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race”

Sunday, June 12, 2020 – Question 2

How have you understood racial difference? In terms of biology? Culture? Other?

Have you given it much thought? Why or why not?

**From: “Waking up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race

Sunday, June 19, 2020 – Question 3

What are times when you regret you did not show up or speak up for racial justice?

What held you back? and what might have made the situation different?