Equity in Our Schools

We are a group of parents and community member volunteers who support racial equity and justice in Roseville Public Schools.  The “Do” part of Do Good Roseville for schools, we offer support, resources, time and energy.  We assist efforts already in place, and new efforts as well.

We do not set an agenda, but rather are available for support as needed, which could be: 

· fundraising

· coordinating communication

· amplifying groups or events

· policy advocacy

· Anything else that might be helpful to creating just and equitable school environments for all Roseville students, families and staff.

Through continuous learning, and with our time and energy, we seek to elevate and support the voices and priorities of BIPOC students, families and staff members.

To join our efforts, please contact Bridget Sabo at bksabo@gmail.com or Kathy Ramundt at kramundt@hotmail.com

This is the Equity Vision from Roseville Area Schools: